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We are Wayne and Deann Dixon, a friendly husband and wife freelance photography and videography team based out of Salt Lake City, Utah (but just say the word, and we'll travel to any location!). We enjoy being together and working together as a couple! We have both always had a passion for creating visually stunning productions and we put our whole heart and soul into our work! Photography was a natural transition to video - because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million!!

We love the beautiful emotions that we capture through wedding videography, but we also specialize in landscape, time-lapse, and travel photography and videography. Through our cameras, we share our creative talent and experiences with others, and we are always ready for our next fun and dynamic project!

We are normal people, for the most part! We moved to the US from Canada 15 years ago (eh!). We have 4 adult children, but no grandchildren yet. We love the outdoors - remote camping and hiking is where we are most comfortable! We are familiar with the Marvel Universe and our favorite shows are reality TV, This is Us, and The Walking Dead. We’re always up for a good game night with family or friends, and we love NHL hockey (go Oilers!). We enjoy making our own salsa and homemade ice cream (no, we don’t eat them together!! Yuck!!)

Videography is what we love to do! We fully dedicate ourselves to every project! If we can create an epic video for you, then let’s chat!!

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